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The experience of a maternal-assisted caesarean resembles a traditional c-section, yet this contemporary child-birthing method is focused on enhancing the immediate bond between you and your newborn baby. As an obstetrician, Dr Peter Jurcevic stands as a pioneer in the realm of maternal-assisted caesareans at Frances Perry House in Melbourne.

What is a Maternal-Assisted Caesarean?

A maternal-assisted caesarean is a remarkable childbirth approach that empowers you as the mother to participate in the birth of your child actively. Guided by the expertise of Dr Peter Jurcevic, this unique approach allows you to gently reach down and bring your newborn onto your chest, fostering an immediate and profound connection between you and your baby.

In addition to facilitating immediate bonding and feeding, it’s crucial to underscore the significance of delayed cord clamping. This practice ensures the baby’s adequate blood pressure, muscle tone, respiration, and the absorption of essential iron. Moreover, it seamlessly promotes the early initiation of breastfeeding, further enhancing those precious initial moments of bonding.

This innovative approach transforms the traditional caesarean section into an opportunity for active involvement in your childbirth, ensuring that the journey of bringing new life into the world is filled with meaningful interactions and emotional connections.

Your Maternal-Assisted Caesarean Melbourne

Dr Peter Jurcevic has embraced the concept of maternal-assisted caesareans as a core practice as an obstetrician. His commitment to fostering connection and choice in childbirth is evident as he continues to offer a diverse range of birthing options. With his guidance, you can confidently pursue the birthing experience you envision, all the while receiving the safety and support you deserve.

In the face of a challenging birth, take comfort in knowing that a maternal-assisted caesarean remains a viable and supportive birthing choice. With the expert guidance of Dr Peter, women confronting complexities like breech presentations, low-grade placenta praevia, obstructed labours, and even high-risk pregnancies, like twin deliveries, have all experienced safe and successful outcomes. Your well-being and that of your baby are of utmost importance under Dr Peter’s dedicated care, ensuring a positive birthing experience regardless of the circumstances.

With Dr Peter’s guidance, you can confidently pursue the birthing experience you envision, whether that be an assisted caesarean or a calm birth.

Maternal-Assisted Caesarean FAQ

Although there is no limit to the number of caesareans you can have, ​​Having multiple repeat cesarean deliveries can make each subsequent operation more complicated and increase the chances of issues like placental problems, adhesions, and incision-related complications.

The duration of a scheduled caesarean section can vary, typically spanning 30 to 60 minutes for the surgical procedure. Keep in mind that the entire process may extend over a few hours.

Absolutely, partners or family members can be present during a maternal-assisted cesarean, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for your birthing experience.