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As a woman, you’re bound to have had some connection with endometriosis in your time; whether it be your own diagnosis, a family member or friend going through it, or just hearing the term floating around (sometimes casually referred to as “endo”).

While knowledge of this condition grows, more women are feeling validated as they realise their “normal period symptoms” could actually be an indication of something more serious, such as endometriosis. The light that has been shed on this condition is well-needed, with early diagnosis and symptom management the key to minimising pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis.

What is Endometriosis?

The uterus is lined with tissue (known as the endometrium). When women have their regular periods, this tissue is shed, therefore menstruation occurs. Endometriosis is when tissue similar to endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. Unlike healthy tissue, this misplaced tissue doesn’t shed during the menstrual cycle, and instead stays attached to the outside of the uterus and other organs within the pelvic region.

This can cause pain, inflammation, scarring and even the formation of painful cysts. This also means endometriosis symptoms may not be confined to the uterus, and may also affect nearby organs, such as the bowel and bladder.

Women impacted with endometriosis have frequently reported feeling isolated and misunderstood. Despite this, it is a common condition, and affects 1 in 7 women in Australia.

Symptoms related to endometriosis can cause pain and discomfort, with significant impact on everyday life and mental wellbeing. Importantly, unless treated, endometriosis can have a negative impact on your chances of becoming pregnant. There is no single cause for endometriosis and it can range from genetics, environmental aspects, hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle.

As a top gynaecologist in Melbourne, Dr Peter Jurcevic has been at the forefront of diagnosing, managing, and treating numerous women for conditions of the female reproductive system, including endometriosis, for almost 30 years. Dr Peter has assessed, treated, and supported countless women through their endometriosis journeys from diagnosis to a successful pregnancy.

Understanding Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis can be uncomfortable and can continue to worsen with time if not addressed. While menstrual pain is a shared experience for all women, the symptoms of endometriosis can be particularly difficult.

If you’re living with endometriosis, you may experience some of these symptoms:

• intense pelvic pain that coincides with your menstrual cycle
• discomfort during sexual intercourse
• chronic aches and pain
• heavy menstrual bleeding
• bloating and abdominal discomfort
• fatigue and weakness
• potential infertility

While there are similarities in symptoms, many women have different experiences, which can take a mental toll and overall be quite isolating. Dr Peter and his team are dedicated to helping you by providing validation, and applying effective, personalised treatments to manage your specific endometriosis symptoms.

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

One of the most significant obstacles for women with endometriosis is conception and pregnancy. This can be emotionally difficult and introduce challenges throughout the process. There are a multitude of aspects that can make this hard, with some examples being decreased egg quality, damage in the reproductive system, and hormone dysfunction. Despite this, rest assured, women with endometriosis frequently have successful pregnancies, and are able to give birth to healthy babies.

Here is some key information to note for if you are planning to conceive with endometriosis:

• Women suffering from endometriosis generally have a higher infertility rate.
• Obstetrical complications such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placental problems and preterm delivery are more common for endometriosis sufferers.
• Although medications for endometriosis are safe, they may not be recommended during pregnancy.
• Severe complications during pregnancy because of endometriosis are rare, however are still possible.

For all of these reasons, it is highly recommended for women with an endometriosis diagnosis attempting to conceive to speak with a qualified professional. Dr Peter has had a length of experience in both endometriosis and obstetrics, and is able to give expert advice on how to best approach conception with endometriosis for the best chance of a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Navigating Endometriosis Treatment Options

As your trusted endometriosis specialist in Melbourne, our main goal is to give you clarity throughout your experience with the condition, support you through the journey and offer treatment options to either increase your chances of pregnancy and/or reduce negative symptoms.

Based on your individual circumstances, Dr Peter may offer hormonal treatments, pain relief options or surgical interventions if necessary. Surgical options include minimally invasive laparoscopy excision (a key-hole surgery) or diathermy of the endometrial tissue deposits, through to more advanced procedures such as a hysterectomy and ureteric or bowel release/repair.

Dr Peter’s holistic approach to treatment considers factors such as your age, specific symptoms, medical history, as well as your desire to have children or not.

Caring for Women with Endometriosis

Dr Peter Jurcevic’s unwavering commitment to his patients means he goes above and beyond to support women in Melbourne through each step of their endometriosis journey, from an accurate diagnosis to personalised treatment plans and intricate post-operative care.

He understands the physical and emotional toll that endometriosis can have on women, and therefore, approaches each case with empathy and patience. With Dr Peter Jurcevic as your endometriosis specialist, you can find solace in knowing you are in the hands of a trusted specialist committed to helping you recover as best as possible.

Your Endometriosis Clinic in Melbourne

Your general practitioner can easily refer you to Dr Peter Jurcevic, who offers services in gynaecology and obstetrics to fertility, allowing you to receive comprehensive care in one convenient location in Melbourne. During your endometriosis consultation at Frances Perry House, Dr Peter will conduct a thorough assessment of your health, history and will discuss the range of treatment options available to you. We are confident in Dr Peter’s ability to provide relief from the debilitating symptoms of endometriosis, and after your initial consult we hope that you too will be confident that you are in good hands.

Everyone’s journey is different, and taking the first step can be scary. We want to emphasise that Dr Peter is an expert at individualised, patient-centred care, and his welcoming team are here to provide support, and answer any questions you may have regarding your symptoms. Learn more about what to expect at your first gynaecology appointment.

Endometriosis FAQ

Special ultrasound and MRI imaging can help look for signs of endometriosis. However, an accurate diagnosis involves a laparoscopy procedure and biopsy.

Early signs of endometriosis vary from person to person, but there are common indicators to be aware of. These include pelvic pain that usually worsens around your period, pain during intercourse, excessive bleeding, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues and difficulty conceiving.

Although the exact cause of endometriosis remains unclear, potential associations include hormone imbalances, retrograde menstruation, immune system dysfunction, environmental influences and genetic factors.