Choosing Your Best Obstetrician

Planning for a family or recently pregnant? One of the first things to do is to find the best obstetrician to care for you and your baby.

Recommendations from your GP or health care providers, friends and family and your own research will all help you to make the decision to choose an obstetrician in Melbourne.

There are a number of things to take into account that will help make your decision easier such as:

  • Your own health and whether your pregnancy is likely to have complications
  • The obstetrician’s approach and their specific additional training
  • Your own birth wishes
  • The hospital you’d like to give birth in
  • Whether the obstetrician will be present for all your appointments and the birth

One of the most important things is to feel comfortable with your obstetrician. Your first appointment will enable you to gain a good understanding of their attitude and nature. It is vital that you can raise any issues regarding your pregnancy with them, feel listened to, cared for and supported by them and of course, be confident in their abilities!

Dr Peter Jurcevic delivers at Frances Perry House in Melbourne. His office receptionists are very happy to answer all enquiries.

Learn more about Dr Peter Jurevics experience as an obstetrician here.

Dr Peter Jurcevic

Dr Peter Jurcevic provides dedicated, patient-centred expert care. When you book in with Dr Peter Jurcevic you see him for all your antenatal and gynaecological appointments and he fields all of your calls. He is fully aware of what is happening with your reproductive and obstetric health at all times.

Dr Peter Jurcevic is a strong advocate for birthing choices and calm birthing and one of the Australian pioneers of the Maternal Assisted Caesarean. He has undertaken additional qualifications in high-risk obstetrics and is available for pregnancies and births of all types.

Dr Peter Jurcevic has specific and advanced training, extensive knowledge and experience in obstetric maternal and foetal disorders so he is in a unique position to be able manage numerous maternal medical issues in pregnancy.