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Dr Peter Jurcevic provides expert care for all obstetric needs from normal antenatal care to high risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancies and issues related to pregnancy.

My expertise covers, but is not limited to: hypertension, pre-eclampsia, prematurity, foetal growth restriction, maternal medical disorders including autoimmune, thrombophilia (clotting), renal, cardiac, respiratory, neurological, gastroenterological, skin (all on occasion in conjunction with sub-specialist input), genetic disorders, miscarriage and ectopic, antepartum and postpartum haemorrhage and placenta praevia, instrumental deliveries and caesarean section.

A key part of your care will always involve birth preparation and there will be numerous conversations throughout the pregnancy about this. As an extension to my strong interest in the natural aspects of labour and birth, I will provide you with the opportunity to understand and perhaps engage in calm birthing techniques and natural birthing practices, which have been statistically shown to improve your labour outcome as it pertains to a normal delivery.

Obstetrics Services

Your Care

I deliver most patients at Frances Perry House, which provides an excellent level of care for all of your antenatal, delivery and postnatal requirements. In addition, there is access to immediate 24 hour anaesthetic and paediatric cover, a service not available at most other institutions and invaluable if there is an emergency.



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