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Obstetrics Appointment

The following information will help to prepare you for your first obstetric appointment with Dr Peter Jurcevic. Please think about what you would like to discuss in this appointment and write questions in advance if this makes it easier to remember on the day.



The aim of every one of your appointments is to determine the wellbeing of both you and your baby. We will first meet around 6-10 weeks’ gestation for a thorough check up and discussion. Partners and family members are most welcome to attend.

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Your first appointment will involve a medical check-up and a discussion to plan your pregnancy. This will usually take around 30 minutes, may also include an ultrasound scan and generally an examination including a Pap smear as needed. Blood test and future ultrasound request forms will be given to you at this appointment. Please remember that you must take these forms to obtain the requested test and also to receive Medicare rebates.

After your initial visit, I will schedule subsequent appointments based on the type of pregnancy you are likely to experience. For most uncomplicated pregnancies this would involve appointments every 4 to 6 weeks until 28 weeks and then every 2 to 3 weeks until 36 to 38 weeks and then weekly until your delivery. The aim of each review is to determine the wellbeing of both you and your baby and this will occasionally involve the use of investigations inclusive of further blood tests and ultrasound scans and I would normally advise you of this in advance.

A key part of your care will always involve birth preparation and there will be numerous conversations throughout the pregnancy about this. Please note partners and children and any other family member are most welcome to attend and please write questions in advance of an appointment if this makes is easy to remember on the day.

I deliver most patients at Frances Perry House. Antenatal classes are also conducted by the hospital and I encourage both you and your partner to attend. When you commence having contractions or rupture your membranes, please contact The Delivery suite 9344 5100 and a Midwife will advise you on when to come to hospital. Once you have been admitted, I will be contacted and will review you. A number of choices for pain relief would have been pre-discussed and then offered. Thorough and honest advice will be offered to ensure the safe arrival of your baby.

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