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Obstetrician Frances Perry House Melbourne
23 September 2020

Dr Peter Jurcevic on Studio 10…23 September, 2020.

Dr Peter Jurcevic featured on Studio 10 this morning to discuss the two Twin Maternally Assisted Caesareans he had the pleasure of performing on the 1st of September 2020.

These amazing births included the first twin Maternally Assisted Caesarean performed in Victoria AND the first time two sets of twins were delivered via Maternally Assisted Caesarean on the same day in Australia! With Maddox and Emmett arriving just hours before Harry and Iris.

Connor Kennedy, mother of Victoria’s first set of twins delivered by Maternally Assisted Caesarean, joined Dr Jurcevic to share her incredible experience of bringing her twin sons Maddox and Emmett into the world.

Learn more about a Maternal Assisted Cesarean here.

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