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18 April 2021

Dr Peter Jurcevic leading the way with Parentally Assisted Caesareans

Dr Peter Jurcevic has featured in @theageaustralia today, 18th April 2021, for leading the way with Parentally Assisted Caesareans, which allow both parents a hands on birth experience.

“’It was like time stood still’: Parents say delivering their own caesarean babies is life changing” by @wendy_tuohy

Dr Jurcevic is proudly a pioneer of parentally-assisted caesareans in Australia, and decided to commence them after noting the joy mothers had experienced while participating in “maternally-assisted” caesarean births, which he has been offering for three years.

He says it is important to him that women are as empowered as possible, whichever style of birth they have, and “to do what I can to make that surgical medical procedure enriching”.

“This is about trying to create a level of normalcy or connectivity to what is a medical intervention,” said Dr Jurcevic.

To read about the incredible experiences that parents have had delivering their babies via Parentally Assisted Caesarean with Dr Jurcevic, visit https://www.theage.com.au/national/it-was-like-time-stood-still-parents-say-delivering-their-own-caesarean-babies-is-life-changing-20210417-p57k0b.html



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